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About Us

What is Elookz Design? 

Founded in January 2022, ElookzDesign is a premier online destination for exquisite decorative lamps and nightlights. While our roots are in New York, United States, we're excited to announce our expansion and now have operations in London, United Kingdom. Our curated collection features captivating designs that elevate any space, providing a unique blend of style and functionality. Explore our wide range of lighting solutions that add a touch of sophistication to your surroundings. Discover the magic of ElookzDesign online, with operations now extending to the vibrant city of London.

What Do We Stand For? 


Elookz's lamps and nightlights will make your living spaces more visually appealing and breathe new life into them. They will stand out in your space and catch everyone’s attention and win their hearts. 


We aim to sell an experience rather than just a product. Our lamps and nightlights will create a pleasant ambiance and boost your mood so that you can feel more connected to the space. 


Our beautiful products will allow you to express your creativity and your unique sense of decoration. Our lamps and night lights will draw compliments from your loved ones.

Why Us?

There are several reasons why you will swear by Elookz Design’s products once you use them. They are handcrafted, unique, and sustainable. You get high-quality items and extremely reasonable rates. Apart from that, our top-notch customer service will make you thank yourself for choosing Elookz Design. 

Our Core Values

QUALITY: We only feature products that meet our high-quality standards so that you may get value for money. 

CREATIVITY: At Elookz, we are obsessed with quality, and that is visible in our innovative products.

VARIETY: We offer a wide range of products to make sure get the right item to suit any type of interior decor

CUSTOMER SERVICE: We believe in long-term relationships with our customers, so we offer unmatched service.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: When you are satisfied with our products, we believe that our goal is achieved. 

SUSTAINABILITY: We offer products that are sustainable and do not harm the environment. 

Thanks for Reading

Thanks for taking the time to know about Elookz Designs. We know that after reading this, you can’t wait to grab some amazing lamps and nightlights, so visit our product section now. 

You can contact us through our contact number - +12513844059